Only  795,- DKK.

Collect all leads digitally and follow up with a systematic lead maturing program, giving you much better control of the subsequent sales process and thus more customers and higher revenue.


Only a few leads place an order on the fair itself. At best, they are potential customers who are at different stages of the research and purchasing process. 


Instead of losing the dialogue because the customer is not yet ready for a specific purchase dialogue, you can make sure that you are still part of the customer's research process - and can influence it - after the trade show 


With Lead Generator, you collect all visitor reports and contacts digitally, so salespeople avoid hundreds of business cards and handwritten A4 sheets, which can be hard to follow up.

Lead Generator consists of a mobile app for your sales staff as well as an online administration portal where you can create, monitor and follow up on your visit reports 24/7.


The investment in one license for the whole team on the fair is

795,- kr.


Satisfaction Guarantee – Should you not be satisfied with Lead Generator, please inform us at least one week after the show and we will refund the payment.


Lead Generator udstiller app besøgsrapport

Before the fair

Create online visitor report

Use a default template or create your own. The visitor report template can be made simply or very detailed with information about, for example, products, operating environment, and service needs.

The information the visitor has entered when registering at the fair will be automatically received when the name tag is scanned, so you don’t need to think about that.

Lead Generator udstiller app

During the fair

Scan name badge

- Fill out report

The visitor's badge is scanned with a mobile, visitor report is completed, and the report is saved.

 The mobile app is extremely user-friendly and very easy to use for all your staff, and it provides invaluable knowledge when you prioritize on follow up on your leads.

Lead Generator udstiller app besøgsrapport crm

After the fair

Download trade show report

A complete trade show report including individual visitors reports is available in real time 24/7, in order for you to prioritize customers and start the follow-up at your convenience.

The report, which can be sorted by seller, contains the visitor's contact information as well as the seller's completed visitor reports.


The report can be downloaded as Excel and imported into your CRM system.



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